The Season of Glory Fire Has Come! Fire-Walkers Arise!

The Season of Glory Fire Has Come! Fire-Walkers Arise!

Fire Chariots and Horsemen of Heaven

Recently one morning, the Lord brought me into a vision. I saw the fire chariots and horsemen of Heaven. They were terrifying, amazing and beautiful, and had now arrived in the skies of earth once again. These chariots and horsemen were the same type of chariots that took Elijah up in a whirlwind and I watched in awe as they rode into the skies over the earth.

These chariots and horsemen of fire were positioned over specific areas in the sky all over the globe. As each of these chariots and horsemen rode across the skies of their appointed regions, they released Holy Spirit fire whirlwinds into the earth below. I watched as these whirlwinds blew throughout various nations and lands of the earth, causing revival fire to ignite in every corner and on every continent.

A Tsunami of Holy Spirit Fire

All of a sudden, the whirlwinds met up and became a tsunami of Holy Spirit fire, a massive wave of glory fire. I watched as this wave began to hit not just the land, but the people. Instead of the wave crashing and washing over onto the shores of the land like you picture when you think of water, when this tsunami wave of fire hit the people of God, it turned their robes into fire.

As I watched them begin to burn with the glory fire of the Spirit, I heard the Lord say:

"The time of My burning ones has come. I am calling forth the season of fire, I am calling for the rise of My intimate friends. I am calling those who will walk in My deep fire, those who would be clothed in My fire, those who would become consumed by My fire.

"I have sent a new fire upon the land that has never been seen, never been known before, it is a fresh outpouring of My Spirit, My majesty and My love—it will not be quenched. It is a transforming fire and wave after wave will come and all will know a measure of it and be transformed by it, not just the people, but the land will also be overcome by My glory fire.

"There are those who will hear My call, those who will press in deeper and be commissioned as fire wave releasers. These deep intimate friends, these wave releasers, will begin to create with the Spirit 'wave after wave' of My fire – transforming the landscape of every place they go as they personally encounter and walk with Me like never before.

"Their life is marked with My robes of fire, and as they walk with Me, they release embers of My glory fire in their wake. They will be clothed with Me and will become ignition switches to the world around them. I will send them to the uttermost parts of the earth, into every mountain of society, every sphere of influence. I will send them to the heart of the desolate places, and they will set those places ablaze with My love.

"The invitation has gone out, and the trumpet call has been sounded. Rise up sons and daughters, cross now into the season of fire, awaken to a new revelation, a new depth of fiery transforming intimacy with Me. For the chariots and horsemen of Israel will come in whirlwinds of fire and carry you into My presence and you will become the catalyst for the nations to awaken a fresh revelation of My love and goodness."

"The season of My glory fire has been released upon the earth, the tsunami has now come ashore, and the earth will never be the same.

Let My fire-walkers arise!"