Shot Out

I have this ringtone on my phone which is the sound of arrows being shot out one after the other, and then hitting their mark simultaneously. I really don’t know why I originally bought it, other than it sounded cool. This morning during my time with the Lord, he reminded me of it and had me go back and listen to it. As I listened to it, the Holy Spirit began to show me a vision of arrows being shot out, but the arrows were God’s people.

Many of Gods people have been in a painfully stretching season and some felt like they were going backwards not forwards, in reality the Lord has been drawing you back into himself, In order to launch you out.

As I saw this picture, I watched as the bow was drawn back to be launched. As a true archer would, the Lord drew the arrow back, close to his check and mouth area and aimed it. Part of the readying for our flight as arrows, is a touching and connecting to God’s face and Him as the head and the authority of us. The other part is knowing that He is the mouth; We are to carry His word and message, not our own.

As I watched the bow being drawn back, I received a fresh understanding that the Lord was creating the tension necessary for launching His people out. The farther the arrow was being sent, the greater the tension so that the arrow would hit its mark.

I heard the Lord say,

“I am shooting My people out and launching them into new places. They will pierce their targets carrying My fire, My heart and My life. My aim is true and they will not miss their mark.”

“The preparation has been long but now comes the sending. I have commissioned each arrow and they are carrying my authority to shatter the darkness and send shock waves of My Truth and justice into their place of assignment. The time for launching has arrived. Those that have been surrendered to me and readied will now be shot out.”

In Jesus name, I prophesy over you that you have been readied and equipped and the time has come for you to be launched out. Set your gaze on the face of Jesus and receive the Truth of His word into your heart. As you lean into Him, you will know His aim to be true and you will not miss the mark for which you are sent; to bring the message of His fire, His Truth, His justice, hope and life.