Canada, Arise!

Oh Canada, my native land. I see The fire of God being poured out upon you once again! There is a fresh wind blowing, it’s the wind of the Holy Spirit, it is the Ruach of God, and it is blowing hard and swiftly throughout your land. See the flames of holy fire burst forth from within you, as the Holy Spirit hovers over you. Hear the Roar of the Lion of The Tribe of Judah as He roars and thunders over you, causing life to spring forth in the wake of His voice. Hear the trumpet sounding, calling you out of your slumber and releasing awakening. It is time for you to arise and shine once again, ablaze with the fire of the glory of the Lord!!

Break forth into joy, oh Canada! Let your land yield its bountiful Kingdom harvest. Let the sound of the redeemed burst forth from in the midst of you.The time has come, the moment has arrived! Arise Canada, arise! I call you forth now, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!