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From The Narrow Place To The Wide Open Space - You Are Advancing!

Daneen BottlerComment
From The Narrow Place To The Wide Open Space - You Are Advancing!

Recently in prayer, the Lord began to speak to me about the process of growth many believers are experiencing, in this season.

There are many that have grown discouraged, feeling as though they are standing still and it is all they can do to take one step forward. But I hear the Holy Spirit saying,

“Having done everything, you took your stand in Me and through your standing you are advancing. I am stretching and enlarging Your faith. I am extending the borders of your inner territory. Your capacity to carry and birth the new thing I am placing in you is being enlarged and your faith is beginning to catch My wind. In the midst of your standing you are advancing in the knowledge of Me and my goodness and faithfulness towards you. Beloved, you are learning not to walk by sight, but by the leading of My voice.“

The Narrow Place To The Open Space

I then saw a picture of a place between two bodies of rocks in a mountain side. There was an extremely narrow place with an opening that was the only way to get through to the other side. I heard the Lord say,

“I am teaching you how to go through the mountain, not just up it. While it is more difficult and the path through is narrow, it will actually accelerate your journey and you will redeem and gain time.”

“I am making you agile Beloved. I am making you to be one that can navigate on the high places and through the tight, narrow spaces trusting that I can lead you in the intricate steps of the path I have put your feet on. Don’t focus on the narrowness of the place you are in, fix your gaze ahead on Me and I will lead you through. I am causing the old things to fall off, the weight of yesterday is being removed from you and in Me, you are moving and advancing through the narrow place. Can you see Me on the other side calling your name? I Am with you, I Am leading you and I Am calling from the other side and leading you into an open space of freedom and invigorating life. A place where fear will not touch you and the impossible becomes possible.”

“My Word is to be your sustenance. Let it wash over you, let it fill you and let it refresh you. Allow the soil of your heart to be saturated by My word. For in the open space ahead that I Am leading you to, there is a harvest that will be reaped that is above and beyond your imagination, but this harvest will only ripen as the seed of My word takes root in your heart.”

“Beloved, do not be afraid, do not grow weary, for I am with you. Stand and see My faithfulness on display. Step forward into Me and receive a new measure of My courage and strength into your heart. Feel my wind at your back and the light of My love as it shines upon you. You are advancing into the land I have promised. A land of freedom, a land of provision, a land of great harvest. Lift up your eyes and set your gaze on me. Be filled with hope and strength knowing that I Am with you.”

In Jesus name, I prophesy that in your standing, you are advancing. The narrow places are moving you into wide open spaces. I declare over you a fresh illumination of Christ in you the Hope of Glory. I release strength to your frame in the places of weariness and I prophesy the breath and wind of the Lord to fill every part of you.

In Jesus name, I decree that every assignment of the enemy that has come to discourage and derail you is bound and rendered powerless by the blood of the Lamb.

Thank you Lord that as we trust in you, you make us steadfast and courageous, able to crush the works of the enemy and place him under our feet. We praise you Lord for you are so good to us; faithful to lead and guide us into abundant places. We now stand strong in You and step boldly into the places You are calling us into. Amen