Be Strengthened and Encouraged In The Lord

The Lord has been talking to me for a while now about this current season of “rising and raising up” that we are in as the body of Christ. The season we are in is one like no other. There is a call to awaken into action, advancement and a deeper establishing of the Living Word in us; a call to demonstrate His power, as well as be fruitful and multiply.

The enemy is spitting made that he is losing his hold and influence over the minds of Believers and is raising up storms and tempests to regain control. If you have found yourself in the greatest storms of your life, you are not alone, many are in the thick of battle. But WE ARE NOT impressed with the report or the storms of the enemy. NO! For our God is a Mighty Warrior and has already won the victory, His blood speaks a better word!

I want to encourage you today. Do not quit and do not shrink back! Declare war on fear and unbelief. Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you and in you! What the enemy meant for your destruction, God has turned into a catalyst for your promotion!

Don’t get pulled into side skirmishes and unfruitful arguments which distract you in order to weaken you. Instead, overcome by keeping your gaze fixed on Jesus and crushing the head of the enemy by staying in the perfect peace of Christ!