Today Is The Day

The Holy Spirit is wanting to confirm His word, to your heart once again. There many sons and daughters of God who have said “yes” and started something out of obedience to the voice of the Lord, but had it stopped or hijacked through a spirit of fear that came against you.

Today the Lord is reminding you and confirming to your heart once again that the particular thing you said yes to, was His idea, not yours. The Lord placed that idea in you and He also has given you the grace to move into it.

The voice of the Lord is powerful, breaking chains and setting people free. He has chosen your voice to release His voice, your willing vessel to demonstrate His power and love to the world.

Shrink back no longer! Rise up, be infused with a greater measure of faith and step out once again. In Jesus name, I bind the spirit of fear that has tried to hold you captive, I cut it off and loose over you a fresh encounter with the love of the Lord which casts out all fear. I declare over you an increase of “great faith“, in Jesus name.

The Lord God Almighty has called you by name, this is your moment to trust him. You don’t need to strive, just rest in Him and walk forward knowing that as you are surrendered to Him, He will perform His word in you and through you. For The Lord is both the Author and the Finisher!