The Dams Are Breaking!

The other day, I came a cross a video clip that depicted the exact moment part of the wall of a dam failed. I watched as this huge chunk of concrete wall broke off and tumbled down into the water below, followed by a deluge and powerful surge of waters behind it. As I was watching this scene, I heard the Holy Spirit say,

“This is what I Am doing right now. I am causing the dams of the lies, discouragements, disappointments and doubts that the Enemy has built up in the hearts and minds of my people to fail. Many of my people have been crying out to me, crying out for breakthrough, crying out to hear Me, for it was as if the flow of My river had been cut off from them.”

“The truth is, that the enemy had strategically tried to build dams in hearts and minds to prevent My people from advancing forward and stepping into the new places and realms of authority that I have called them to. The dams are an illusion held in place by the lies of the enemy.”

“But I have heard the cries of My children and I have seen their distress and I am come to deliver them. I Am causing these enemy dams to fail. See now the hand of My deliverance!”

“My resurrection life is surging and the waters of My presence are moving swiftly. My sons and daughters will now hear the truth of My voice thundering their name, calling them My Own. See the dams of lies fail and be ground into dust. See the water table of My presence in their lives rise as the surges of My River of Life flood their hearts and wash away any remnant of enemy resistance.”

“Who Can Stop The Lord Almighty? NO ONE, NO THING CAN STAND AGAINST ME OR THE POWER OF MY LOVE! See the dams fail and My people now rise in newness of life! Today is the day the walls of the dams are coming down.”

I prophesy this over you now, in Jesus name. Today is the day of deliverance!The walls of the dams of the enemy have failed! The dams are crumbling and are now being pounded into dust by the voice of the Lord. Hear Him Thunder your name and call you His Own. Feel the majestic power of His river flowing into you, around you and through you. In Jesus name, all illusions of the enemy are broken and by the power of blood of the Lamb, every work of darkness and assignments sent against you are cut off and rendered powerless, in Jesus name. Rise up in newness of life, step into the fullness of life, the abundant life the Lord has given you. Now is the time to walk boldly in it and step in to all the Lord has for you. Rise up in Jesus name!