Your Healing Is Coming!

I recently saw a story about an actor who is playing Jesus in an upcoming movie. In the interview, he said that he refused to portray the miracle of Jesus spitting in the dirt and then rubbing that mud over a blind man's eyes to receive his sight again, because he couldn't rationalize why anyone would have ever done that. So instead, he chose to portray the story in a different way that made sense to him.

At first glance, how this miraculous story is worked out doesn't make a lot of sense, but there is a reason for it. It's not clearly spelled out in Scripture why Jesus would have done this, however we can look at some historical things that may give us a better idea.

In that day, people who had physical handicaps, such as blindness, were looked down upon. It was a commonly held belief that if you had a physical ailment, it was caused by something wrong that your forefathers did, or something that you did. Because of this, it was common for people to spit on people with handicaps when they passed them by. So, you can imagine this man who was blind, who was routinely berated, who was spat upon, probably on a daily basis, who probably believed that his ailment was something he himself caused, calls out to a healer that he had heard about, hoping that something could be done about his blindness. As he calls out to Jesus, you can only imagine what goes through his mind as he hears someone getting ready to spit again. But instead of spitting on the man, Jesus uses the very thing that was previously used by others to bring guilt and shame, to wash the blind man's eyes, and bring healing.

You see, God is not just concerned with our physical healing, but He wants us healed in our soul as well. The blind man's eyesight was restored, but I'm convinced that there was also a healing that took place in his heart in how Jesus performed the miracle.

Many of us are contending for healing in our bodies, or our finances, or our families, or a number of other things. As we believe for a miracle, know that God works in ways that we sometimes don't understand, but there is always a purpose. He is wanting us to be whole in every part of our lives.

Because you are loved, and you are called to a divine purpose, have confidence and continue to trust that God is working all things together. Even when things don't make sense, and you feel another round of spit coming your way, know that your healing is coming.