How To Resist The Trap Of Disappointment

Don’t allow disappointment to be a lens you see through. Holding on to disappointment will cloud your ability to see God’s goodness and eventually rob you of your awe and wonder of who He truly is. Disappointment carries a dissonant sound, it speaks lies to our soul and if left unchecked leads to disillusionment and will try to reduce God into our image by holding Him hostage to our desire for a specific outcome.

Don’t get stuck in the enemy’s trap of disappointment, in the midst of it all choose to trust in the Lord and put on the garment of praise. Declare and confess God’s goodness even in the midst of contradiction and watch the heaviness lift off.

Beloved, we are learning to stand firm in Christ in the midst of contradiction. Focus your gaze on Him, praise Him because He is worthy of praise regardless of situation or circumstance and see how God will make a way where there seemed to be no way.