A New Season

A few years back we had a band practice at our house and I was missing a microphone stand. I needed to figure something out, so I taped together some things laying around the house to use as a temporary stand. It was a bit awkward to use, but it got the job done.


As I saw this picture again this morning, I heard the Lord speaking over us and others, that we're coming into a new season of provision - not only finances, but resources that are needed to make the current assignment more effective. We've been diligent, and even resourceful with the little that we've had at our disposal, but this new season will require specific tools that the Lord is bringing.

Lift up your eyes of expectation. You are in a different season. Just getting by will no longer be the mode of operation. Watch and see what the Lord will bring to your side for you to use, and you will see your effectiveness grow exponentially. This is a new season of growth, faith, and testimony of the goodness and provision of God!