The Time Is Now For Deep Impact!

The Time Is Now For Deep Impact!

The Time is now for Deep Impact!

Recently, as I was woken up one morning, I was greeted by the voice of the Lord saying, "I will cause them to have deep impact." I hadn't quite woken up yet, so he decided to say it to me again: "I will cause them to have deep impact."

:"Who Lord?" I asked

"My builders and master craftsmen," He replied. He then showed me a picture set in Biblical days when the builders were called to rebuild the temple. The Holy Spirit led me to the book of Ezra, where we see the actual account of many builders being assembled for the work of rebuilding the temple - it was a massive undertaking. 

As the work began, immediately there was resistance from the governing authorities in the land and the builders were told that they couldn't rebuild the temple any longer. The enemy had started to try to interfere and wreak havoc on the re-building process. In Ezra 5 you see that the governor of the land and his associates attempted to stop them by trying to disprove their authority to rebuild the temple and intimidate them, by acquiring their names just to "report" them to the King.

At that time Tattenai, governor of Trans-Euphrates, and Shethar—Bozenai and their associates went to them and asked, “Who authorized you to rebuild this temple and to finish it?” They also asked, “What are the names of those who are constructing the building?”
— Ezra 5:3-4

Then I saw a picture of a trumpet sounding in the heavens. It was a current day, loud trumpeting call to gather the Kingdom Builders and to start the work of rebuilding the temple. While in the Old Testament there was a literal physical building in the picture the Lord gave me – it was the Body of Christ as both His Bride and the temple.

The Spirit then said to me, 

"I am calling many types of builders and craftsmen, each skilled and gifted with various gifts and perspectives to accomplish the repair and rebuilding of My temple, My Bride; to make her beautiful, strong, fortified and unified in every way. These builders have been called and commissioned all over the world for this time and this moment. Each one is carrying something needed to bring about the readying of my Bride by building her up in their particular skill and gifting. Some are experts in stone cutting, foundation laying, engineering, and others in design and shaping. Some excel at alignment and structural integrity, some with shoring up breeches and setting in doors and gates, while others are called to project management and oversight. Each part of the building process is necessary and each builder I have anointed to do their work with excellence, integrity and efficiency."

"The trumpet call has gone forth, some have already answered and begun the Kingdom work, but still others are gathering to the place of the call.  Many are starting to answer the call, but many are also being intimidated by the enemy. The enemy is trying to disqualify them through lies and attacks on their character. Strategic lies and undermining are orchestrated by the enemy and have been designed to disqualify them—not only on a personal level, but also on a public level. The enemy is seeking to destroy their confidence and cause them to forget who I have created them to be and that I the Lord have called them, commissioned them and given them the authority."

"I the Lord say to them: 'Do not be afraid! Do not be terrified! For I Am with you! I Am covering you!' Rise up My master craftsmen, rise up My builders, come restore and build up My Bride, My temple. I, the King of kings, have already ruled in your favor. Yes, your name has been recorded, but for the purpose of blessing and inheritance. You will find that those who sought to destroy you and discredit you will be the ones that begin to fund the build I have designed for you. The resistance against you has been great because the work I have called you to will make a deep impact in the earth. I have made you a carrier of My glory with creative wisdom, and the enemy is terrified because he knows his time is short."

"Know this, I have placed even in the courts and kingdoms of man, My Royal Decree that will cause the release of resources, land and people to help the restoration and build. I will cause the earthly realm to align with My Decrees, My Timing and My Purposes. You My craftsmen, You My builders, have been commissioned. Now it's time to get to work! The enemy is not My equal. His delay tactics are rendered powerless and futile by My command. It is My desire to breathe vibrant beauty and life into My Bride to fill My temple with a new and greater measure of glory and splendor."

"The water level of My river flowing out from her is rising like a river at flood stage. Everywhere she is, there My river will flow and My glory will be seen. See My Bride as I see her; see what I see, grab hold of the majesty and splendor that I am coming to bestow upon her. Come My master craftsmen, come My builders! I Am releasing to you now a greater measure of My creativity and wisdom—receive it!"

"Answer the call, rise up! Begin the restoration process, begin the building, for I Am coming now to fill My Bride, My temple, once again. Yes, she will be overflowing in greater glory!"

I then heard the Lord begin to laugh. He started to laugh at the enemy. As I heard Him laugh, I wanted to laugh with Him. There was such a confidence and assurance that was released from just His laugh. In that moment, I began to catch a glimpse of the greatness of what God is beginning to do all across the earth. It is so easy to get caught up in earthly turmoil, and when we do, we can easily forget the greatness and majesty of the Lord, God Almighty. There is no one in Heaven or earth or under the earth that can compare with Him.

Then I heard every creature in Heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea and all that is in them, saying: “To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!”
— Rev 5:13

Let's pray: In Jesus' name, I call forth now the builders and the craftsmen! Arise and take your place. Begin to repair, restore the foundations of the temple, and set on display the radiant beauty of the Bride of Christ. Let the footings be strengthened and fortified and let the gates be set in place. I declare a fresh release of the Spirit of wisdom and creativity. Let it now flow through your people Lord, bringing new ideas, ingenuity, insight and invention. Let the beauty of Your Wisdom, God, be on display.

It's time for the glory of the Lord to return to the temple in greater measure. Let now Your Royal decree of heavenly favor and authority begin to be made manifest in the natural courts of the nations and kingdoms of the earth. Let there now be favorable rulings, inheritances, land and greater realms of natural authority given to your people, to those that would lay their life down to restore and rebuild the temple. Thank You, Lord, that nothing is impossible for You and that You have already gone before and made a way. Thank You, God, that Your word and Your decrees never return void, but ALWAYS accomplish that which they were sent forth to do! The time is now and You are causing it to happen. We agree now with Your Word and say YES and Amen!